The creation of Visiblegy

Mark Bradley 20 August 2018

The Creation of XLens
As a healthcare professional, transitioning into the Pharmaceutical sales Industry 20 years ago, applying my learnings as a Nurse ensured my success in the pharmaceutical sales environment.

My ability to capture and utilise information about the patient was the foundation that maximised my opportunity to achieve successful treatment outcomes. Using this same model, utilising information about my customers, their working environment and the challenges they faced in their day to day management of patients, I became successful in maximising sales outcomes in the pharmaceutical sales Industry.

What if a company could capture and consolidate this level of information about all their customers, their environments and their challenges?
What if they could capture it through internal structures rather than having to access it through market research facilities that their competitors were also using? What if this information was internalised so their competitors could not access it?

This led us to design and build out a technology that allows companies to compliantly capture, consolidate and utilise market intelligence through internal structures to maximise customer facing excellence in the delivery of strategic actionable activities.

The XLens platforms are Pharmaceutical Industry specific technologies, designed by an end user for the end user, allowing Biotech, Pharma and Medical device companies the mechanics to capture and use market intelligence through internal company structures to maximise revenue at launch through Visible Strategy Implementation.

The creation of PeopleWith
After 30 years working within healthcare, commencing my career as a nurse before working commercially in the pharmaceutical industry, the concept of PeopleWith came to me. Described by some people as visionary, PeopleWith has the ability to change patients lives by providing insight they would never have access too before. It is no surprise that I have created the business founded on helping people, as this has been consistently the choice I've taken throughout my whole career, starting as far back as 1988 when I chose to pursue a nursing role rather than teaching. Nursing in London, in a leading teaching hospital, expanded my horizons and exposed me to the benefits of working in the pharmaceutical industry.

The catalyst for my creation of PeopleWith is a personal one. My uncle, who meant a great deal to me, was hospitalised with Neutropenia. A serious disease, where patients lack the ability to produce effective white cells. My family turned to me because of my medical knowledge and posed this question, what can be expected from the treatment of my uncles Neutropenia?

My access to journals and research did nothing to help me understand because every patient researched was between 20 and 40 years old. There was no insight into what 78-year-old man could expect. When we asked the following question of the consultant ,What specifically is the impact of this treatment on a 78-year-old man?

There was in effect no answer, the silence from the consultant echoed. He could not tell me in reality what the effect would be for a man of this age. I truly believe this to be wrong, so I set about thinking how I could get that information to the patient and then on to the doctor to allow both parties to make better treatment choices.