"Once a carer, always a carer" - My journey through healthcare and experiences

Mark Bradley 02 January 2019

1st January 2019, my first full day of employment in my own company. This is my first foray into the world of LinkedIn articles. I decided to first research how to write blogs before eventually closing down the search engine, opening Linkedin and just writing about my journey to this point and where I'm going next.

My healthcare career commenced on October 3rd, 1988 after completing my A-Levels when I took up a post as a student nurse. I continued as a registered general nurse for a further 5 years after graduating in 1991, before becoming a wound care advisor in the mid to late 90s, with a market leading wound care company. This part of my journey lasted 12 months before I decided to return to the wards. The transition from direct hands-on caring, seeing the gratitude on someone's face when you've done something small for them, to educating health care providers on treatments was not an easy career change.

I suppose I needed to be seen as the individual who influenced the improvement. I needed to hear people say thanks for the difference I was making. At this point in my career, I was working in Cardiothoracic Intensive care in Dublin and in any 12 hours shift I was only helping small numbers of patients and families. Making people comfortable is what I enjoyed doing; this is where I excelled. How could I help more people?

In 1999 I made the decision to move back into the biotechnology industry and was recruited by Halliday Jones; contracted to launch a Urology product in a single territory. I felt I could help more people through influencing health care providers to position products properly to ensure the right patient got the right product to make them as comfortable as possible in controlling distressing symptoms.

Throughout the last 2 decades, I have continued helping patients indirectly through my role as an account manager in the biotechnology industry, influencing the healthcare provider to effectually position products with the right person to maximise comfort through effective symptom control. When I wasn't doing this I was influencing my colleagues and peers to become more effective.

My consolidated experiences over the last 30 years in healthcare, directly as a health care provider and indirectly as a biotechnology account manager, have led me to where I am today, as I progress towards making further improvements to ensure more people get better symptom control.

2019 is the start of the next leg of my journey towards helping more people. I am consolidating my experience of healthcare provision and the biotechnology industry to deliver solutions for all stakeholders, predominantly the patient, to influence the positioning of the right treatment plans.

Visiblegy was set up two years ago in September 2016 to build out a solution called XLens to empower launch teams within the biotechnology industry to collectively create, refine and implement strategies that deliver launch excellence. Over the last two years trading, we have influenced how the biotechnology industry delivers launch excellence, to allow quicker access for more patients to new innovative treatments.

Our second solution PeopleWith focuses on the consolidation of everyone's daily health experience on a single platform to collectively provide the evidence to support the positioning of the most effective treatment plans at the right time within an individual's health journey for the increasing variance of health profiles.

There is a global increase in the prevalence of co-morbid and multimorbid chronic illnesses. People with co-morbid or multimorbid chronic illnesses are excluded from research. Through the collection of everyone's daily experiences on the variance of treatment plans, each and every one of us can generate the evidence to position the right treatment plan with the right health profiles despite the variances in co-morbid or multimorbid health profiles.

Keep following me in 2019 as I progress on my journey towards improving health outcomes for more patients through these two innovative solutions.