What is L.I.A.M.?

The Launch Insight Analysis Matrix (L.I.A.M.) provides core leadership launch teams insight into factors that impair or enhance the capacity to deliver a national commercial launch strategy. Through the application of an algorithm, applied against your responses on 30 questions, the matrix provides exceptional insight into the market, customer, product and market access challenges, that restrict the ability to deliver projected revenues at launch or alternatively in the first three years post launch.

Line Chart

L.I.A.M. presents a line chart providing a breakdown of your subsection positioning on the four parameters. By clicking on the individual points in each subsection, you will be presented with further information as to the current positioning, in addition to elements that require consideration to maximise the opportunity to succeed.

The level of confidence in strategy accuracy, is determined by the quality and quantity of in-market intelligence captured on both the market and your customer. This is weighted in accordance to your:

  • level of differentiation
  • launch timeline
  • experience within therapeutic area, and
  • perceived burden of the disease


L.I.A.M. presents a matrix outlining your national teams' potential to deliver commercial targets at launch. The matrix is a measure of your teams' level of experience within the therapeutic area and their recent exposure to delivering a successful launch. There is a strong correlation between market and customer insight and strategy accuracy. The matrix analyses your level of access to customer and market intelligence within local health environments and positions your risk, as a measure of confidence, in strategy accuracy as determined by your level of access.

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