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Key Account Management in Pharma - The Account Plan - How much 'Dust' is on yours'?

I think it is fair to say that everyone would consider that account planning is an essential and core skill in the multitude of capabilities that are needed to implement effective key account manag...

By Allan Mackintosh On 27 August 2020

Key Account Management in Pharma - Taking Account Teams Seriously.

I highlighted in a previous article the various struggles that some companies in UK Pharma are facing when attempting to move their working philosophy to a key account ma...

By Allan Mackintosh On 27 July 2020

Key Account Management in Pharma - The Struggle Continues?

In 2001 I left the pharmaceutical industry after almost 20 years to start my own management and team development consultancy. This was prompted by a combination of the first of several mid-life cri...

By Allan Mackintosh On 10 July 2020

Insight Based Micro-Segmentation: Segmenting for Success

Pharmaceutical companies segment their customers using a variance of methodologies to position customers in categories that reflect their potential value to the business. It is used as a means to a...

By Mark Bradley On 22 March 2020

Can you access critical real-time granular market intelligence post-launch?

Prior to and immediately post launch, pharma leadership teams have a significant need for high quality intelligence. This intelligence is required to provide market understanding and actionable ins...

By Mark Bradley On 10 February 2020

Are you really patient centric or is it just words?

Finding the patient and keeping them central, drives brand success

I received a message, with an image attached, from my mother yes...

By Mark Bradley On 28 February 2019

"Once a carer, always a carer" - My journey through healthcare and experiences

1st January 2019, my first full day of employment in my own company. This is my first foray into the world of LinkedIn articles. I decided to first research how to write blogs before eventually clo...

By Mark Bradley On 01 January 2019

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