What are the benefits?

Medication Control

Store your medication in the medication cupboard, set reminders and compare how your feeling week on week with effects of your medication use.

Symptoms Tracking

No Diagnosis? Track your symptoms by rating and commenting on how symptoms are affecting you, to provide a comprehensive history to your Health Care Provider on your next visit! Diagnosed? Track your symptom progression to gain a better understanding of your condition.

Helpful Hints

Have you found that Helpful Hint that makes your symptoms more controlled? Maybe it makes managing medications easier? Now your Helpful Hints can be created and stored in the PeopleWith App to be shared with people of a similar profile.

Be Social

Share your experiences, Helpful Hints and see what other people are doing, in the PeopleWith Community. Create your private screenname and access a unique community of people trying to improve their health.

Personal Information

Information you supply within the PeopleWith app will be used to match you to people with the same profile, diagnosis and symptoms, to help you gain better health outcomes. All information you supply remains anonymous and safe.

What services does it provide?

Capture Evidence on Symptom Control

Vehicle to capture historical evidence on symptom control to present to their Health care practitioner to illustrate a true reflection of your health to determine if you are getting the right treatment outcomes.

Similar Profiled PeopleWith Communities

Access to similarly profiled PeopleWith communities to allow you to access hints and tips that they have utilised to manage their symptoms, side effects etc so you can add them to your treatment plan.

Access to entry of clinical or post approval trials

Access to entry of clinical or post approval trials through matching of profiles to inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Improved Medication Adherence

Improved medication adherence through treatment reminders, hints and tips reminders.

Access to New Treatments

Access to new treatments that become available on the market through the matching of your profile to the licenced indication for the new medication.

What is peoplewith?

PeopleWith provides the opportunity to capture your experiences and provides real-time evidence to your Health Providers to make better informed decisions on your health journey. The additional benefit lies in your ability to access information on our application of similarly profiled people. PeopleWith provides an invaluable resource for you and your family to access up to date intelligence, that could ensure you and your loved-ones gain a more comfortable journey. Patient anonymity is absolute.

Clinical trials are utilised pre and post approval to provide evidence of efficacy and safety of treatments on specific conditions. If medications were only available to those patient groups whose health profile reflected the inclusion and exclusion criteria set within clinical trials, we would only be able to treat a small percentage of the population. Although individuals are unique, similarities can be made on health profiles. It is not feasible to provide evidence, through research, on efficacy and safety of treatments for all diverse health profiles. With technology and access to smart devices we are in a position to capture information on peoples experiences on symptom control, safety and efficacy. Providing evidence across diverse health profiles give physicians the ability to implement the optimum treatment plan.